After 7 years between volunteering, handling community engagement and communications, exploring data and tech products management, working with governments and leading corporates, meeting too many amazing and inspiring young entrepreneurs and business leaders, and owning what people called the region’s most consistent entrepreneurship program, Mix N’ Mentor.

Today, a lot of mixed emotions are dominating me, because it’s time to move on and to leave what I consider home.

Today, I end 7 years of building communities, creating opportunities, learning, and overcoming challenges with the region’s leading entrepreneurship enabling platform. Today, I leave what looked like a dream job for too many, with a dream team, with the godfather of entrepreneurship, the one and only Fadi Ghandour, who will always be the best boss, a father, a brother, a friend, and an amazing teacher; the one who raised my standards in life, redefined what impact means to me, and stood by my side every time I needed his support ever since I first met him back in 2010, when I was a social entrepreneur running Nakhwah and Ideation Box in Amman.

Today I start missing working with one of the most dedicated and hardworking ladies I’ve ever met in my life, Stephanie Nour Prince, who didn’t only share an office with me, but we also shared the journey from the beginning, all the laughs, the fun of working together, the ups and downs, and the food crimes, and who’s a great supporter on a personal level, the one who I would call a real friend.

I will miss working with too many talented people, who put their hearts and souls into making a difference in this region.

Today, I start taking a break from serving the biggest community of entrepreneurs in MENA, to come back soon and do more of this work that I love so much.

I’m leaving home, but it remains home, because I made another family here, and forever I will be loyal to all my homes and families.

Thank you Wamda, and the amazing team, and thanks to thousands of entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the region who made all the hard work worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I will continue serving great social entrepreneurs and young people who are creating a huge difference on the ground including Rawan Barakat of Raneen, Saddam Sayyaleh of I Learn, the student ambassadors of Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education and many others.