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A Venture In Volunteerism [Venture Magazine]

When Kamel al-Asmar founded Nakhweh, one of the Arab world’s first volunteering and development networks, he had no idea how successful it would become. It began in 2009 as a simple Facebook group called Volunteers for Jordan, but has since grown to become a platform for enhancing the volunteering culture...

20 03 2014 / Posted by kamelasmar
7 lessons I learned during my journey as an ‘Entrepreneur Wannabe’ [Wamda]

Even though I’ve been on an entrepreneurship journey for more than four years, I still consider myself an “entrepreneur wannabe,” because I haven’t yet achieved what I think of as the kind of success a real entrepreneur has achieved. However, most people I know in the entrepreneurship ecosystem say “failure...

18 08 2013 / Posted by kamelasmar
15 Startups Doing Social Good in the Arab World [Wamda]

Across the Arab world, social enterprise is gaining traction as new entrepreneurs seek to not just innovate or make money, but to do social good and have a lasting impact on their communities. From job and aid matching to sustainability, combating poverty to women’s empowerment, these startups are making a social...

11 12 2012 / Posted by kamelasmar
Social Entrepreneurship vs. Social Activism: What is the Difference? [Wamda]

“Social Entrepreneur” and “Social Activist”: these are two terms that are being used often lately given the recent revolutions (in which social media played a role) and the push for entrepreneurship in the region. Yet the definition of both terms is not clear for many; you can see those who...

22 10 2012 / Posted by kamelasmar
Is Social Media important for Social Good in Arabia? 5 Examples from Jordan [Wamda]

It’s been three years since we launched Nakhweh (@nakhweh) to match volunteers in Jordan with local opportunities. As it evolved into what it is now, one of the most complicated struggles we’ve gone through has been trying to bring NGOs online to post their volunteering opportunities on our site. To do so,...

16 09 2012 / Posted by kamelasmar
Video Interview on BBC about Social Entrepreneurship

23 05 2012 / Posted by kamelasmar